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Burundanga/Borrachio - Plant-Sourced Scopalamines

Scopalamine is a very useful drug. When taken as directed by the orders of a physician, it can alleviate motion-sickness, flatulence and other gastrointestinal disturbances.

It also has a reputation as a truth-serum. Like sodium amytal, it can render a person somewhat disoriented and talkative. Like the stronger benzodazepines, it can induce retrograde amnesia. It can also induce waking-trances where the individual is unaware that the dream they seem to be having is indeed all too real, and persons under the influence of scopalamine can be ordered to release passwords, empty bank accounts, and engage in sexual acts without their consent or even full knowledge. Scopalamine has generally been rather difficult to manufacture, and for the most part there has been little public demand for this chemical here in America, where for the most part our pop-culture holds the use of interrogation and subjugation chemicals as reserved for the occasionally essential but universally despised world of international espionage.

In Colombia, South America, however, the drug has been used as a weapon within some segments of the culture, and it now appears that plant-sourced scopalamine, possibly potentiated by other as-yet-unknown amines in the raw plant extract of the Borrachio ("drunken") tree, is hitting the streets of America, traded as currency in certain immigrant-criminal and illegal-alien-criminal markets. Most Americans have no idea that this chemical exists, and many Americans are doubtless still trying to figure out what has happened to them on that long night they cannot remember, the night when they weren't careful enough about their drinks and woke up the next day penniless and lost.

If you speak Spanish, please see this page direct from Colombia itself. This is from Javeriana University, and this is their Burundanga Page, "the Specter of Scopalamine".

Anyone interested in such things is very strongly advised to first read the seminal book Serpent and the Rainbow (forget the movie which is misleading pop-trash), and then to do some investigation into the religion of Santaria, which many describe as the Hispanic version of vodoun (voodoo), a mixture of paganism, african and south/central american shamanism, and degenerate adaptations of some of the central rituals of a banned Catholic heresy. The book Serpent and the Rainbow details the discovery of the plant-sourced toxins which underly many of the Haitian Vodoun practices, such as the puffer-fish toxin responsible for inducing catatonia and suggestibility in the creation of zombi. The references to the African culture which was one of the primary sellers of African slaves for the New World trade, and their use of plant-sourced chemicals as control factors, are invaluable.

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References to a scholarly work which details burundanga and other daturoid drugs.
Web Rangers Page on Burundanga (Scopalamine).
Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services Inc has an excellent page on drugs and sexual assaults, and they have a section on burundanga here.

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