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Always evolving, of course. All images are courtesy of NASA.

Please see also the sites maintained by EnviroLink and
the Environmental Defense Fund. We also recommend EarthSystems, providing environmental information.

There's an excellent listing of other Earth Science Resources from the University of Ohio.


We Live Here.

Things you should know about the Homeworld:

The Homeworld orbits the star Sol, located in the spiral galaxy called the Milky Way. For now, we live only on the Homeworld. Someday, we may outgrow this cradle of Mankind, and live in space.

Our climate is changing. Here are the facts. Here are many more facts. Here is the data. Much more data is available through the US National Climatic Data Center. Much of that data is available for graphic interpretation online. Please see the vast amount of data and imagery available from the SeaWiFS Imaging Satellite. As the climate changes, you will wish to access the resources at the (US) National Drought Mitigation Center, an excellent resource on drought information.

A lot of excellent geographic information is accessible through The Geography Network.

And please see the Global Rainforest Mapping Project.

Also please see the NOAA Global Warming Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ).

For those interested in North America's climate, ecology and cultures, I must highly recommend Land Use History of North America, from the Biology Resources Discipline site of the US Geological Survey. A personal favorite sub-site is the Colorado Plateau Land Use Historysite, covering Four Corners, USA.

The US Congress mandated the interdisciplinary study of global environmental change: visit the pages of the CIESIN - the Consortium for International Earth-Science Networks.

Please see the United States Global Change Research Program Office which has a lot of information, including the best predictions of the drastic changes in our future. Particularly see the US National Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on the United States. See also their excellent Global Change InterNet Links Page.

See the World Species List, getting shorter every day. Please see the Forests Conservation Portal! There are a lot more facts available through the Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS), or at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, a superior resource. The NOAA's Library has a list of other libraries with Earth Science Resources. They also do Environmental Prediction. Also, please see the NOAA Forecast Sciences Laboratories. Columbia University has some excellent resources in the form of the LDEO Climate Group's Data Catalog, and the Earth Sciences Sentinels Page.

The Earth Systems Science Office of NASA is developing quite a site relating to our mission to the Homeworld. Be sure to stop by the High Performance Computing & Communications for Earth & Space Sciences (HPCC/ESS) facility at the Naval Research Laboratory. Also see ERIM. Geophysical and Geological databases are available from Cornell University, and you can find out more about Earthquakes from the US Geological Survey..

Up-to-the-minute statistics regarding population, food-supply, and other resources are available from the World Game Institute.

A variety of documents relating to the "Carrying Capacity" of Homeworld have thoughfully been made public by Bruce Sundquist. This is quite a collection of high-quality information, especially with respect to overpopulation.

Please see the excellent privately-maintained EcoFuture (tm) site, "Dedicated to sustainability and the ecological future of our planet. It is an invaluable informational resource for civilian researchers.

Please also see the Biology Page, the Agriculture & Farming Page, and of course, the Sciences MetaIndex Page.
Helping Out
Active Measures | Observation and Study.
Observation, Study, Theory


Sorted alphabetically, by country.

  • Bureau of Meteorology.

  • Queensland Department of Primary Industries.
    A rural economic development agency for Queensland's agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries.
    Argentinian National Committee on Agricultural Biosafety. Part of a regional effort dealing with consequences of genetically-altered agriculture intergrading with the natural environment.
  • Department of Fisheries and Oceans.
  • Environment Canada.
    Pacific and Yukon Green Lane. Please take a closer look at Canada's Green Lane concept!
  • Natural Resources Canada.
  • Pacific Forestry Centre.
  • WinterNet, the Winter-Cities Network.
    This is a unique resource, which specializes in the technologies of extreme cold-temperature environments and the maintainance of cities therein.
  • Croatia
  • Institut za oceanografiju i ribarstvo
    (Institute of Oceanography and ?) - Split Croatia. Also many links to Dubrovnik and the Croatian academic community.

  • Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries Research Council.

    New Zealand
  • New Zealand's Crown Research Institutes.
    A great place to check out technical and environmental interests in New Zealand.

    United States of America
    Environmental Policy -
  • US Army Environmental Policy Institute.
  • US Environmental Protection Agency.

    Atmospheric and Oceanographic -
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
  • National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.
  • National Ocean Services (NOAA).
    If it's about the oceans around the United States and its territories and possessions, it's probably referenced here. Now with a new Map-Finder service.
  • National Resources Conservation Service.
    The federal agency that works with landowners on private lands to conserve natural resources. This site is a must-see - it's loaded with resources.
  • Naval Oceanographic Office.
  • Naval Research Laboratory Monterey.
    The only US Navy scientific center dedicated fully to study of the atmosphere.

  • University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.
    Ecological Zone or Niche -
  • Alaska Fisheries Science Center.
  • Arctic Research Consortium of the US.
  • Arkansas - Red River Basin Forecast Center. Loaded with regional information!
  • Coastal Services Center (NOAA).
    Addresses critical coastal resource issues.
  • Basin-wide Information Online Service (BIOS).
    This is an exemplary site, with a primary focus on the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. This, folks, is how it's done.

  • Active Measures

    Please see the United States Bureau of Reclamation - managing water in the American West, which is, believe it or not, quite a job.

    Please see The Native Forest Network - they have an extensive site dedicated to preserving the native forests of the Homeworld. Help save GEOWARN, the Global Observation, Warning and Relief Network. See the page, and decide who you'd like to write about it.

    The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research has as its mission to contribute, through its research, the promotion of sustainable agriculture for food security in the developing countries.

    Helping Educate, Activate, Volunteer and Empower via the Net: HEAVEN.

    Alternative/Appropriate Power Generation and Storage: Also see the Energy Page. If you're involved in Alternative/Appropriate Power Generation and would like to be listed, send me mail with your homepage listings and any related pages of which you're fond! And don't forget to link to this page. It's all one big happy planet, and even if you don't make a buck off of a listing, the Homeworld thanks you for your concern and for your efforts.

    Please see the National Center for Appropriate Technology Page, and of course, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

    Arctic Slope Regional Corporation. This native-owned corporation owns about 5 million acres on Alaska's North Slope. "ASRC is committed to developing these resources and bringing them to market, in a manner that respects Inupiat subsistence values while ensuring proper care of the environment, habitat and wildlife."
    Babcock & Wilcox. I'm of a divided mind on this listing. One of the oldest and largest commercial power generation equipment, operations, and management companies, B & W are into all aspects of power generation. This includes nuclear, steam, co-generation, and superconductive power-storage research and development. Transnational.
    Bonneville Power Authority, a government public corporation which produces reasonably eco-friendly hydroelectric power on a very large scale.
    BP Solar is one of the largest and most advanced solar-cell manufacturers and researchers, with some 10 offices and 6 manufacturing centers. They're also taking the development lead on thin-film photovoltaic.
    Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST). Lots of links to renewable and sustainable technologies, of course.
    Coso Geothermal Development. Surprised to find the United States Navy exploring potential uses of geothermal energy? Don't be; alternatives to reliance on foreign-controlled petrochemicals is an essential of a strong American military. Besides, this all-American energy resource was sitting under the base anyway, and the cost savings in electrical generation alone could save the taxpayers a bundle. This page also has a great chronology of geothermal development, and useful contacts and references.
    Delta Controls makes a range of control-systems products for automating buildings. Proper control of such utilities as lighting, HVAC and heating, etc, makes for a more efficient and eco-friendly building.
    HDR, Inc. has a variety of environmentally-oriented services such as mitigation, impact assessments, etc., waste and wastewater management, and facility and design engineering, among other things.
    Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles from the Ames Laboratory.
    Salt River Project (Arizona). Provides a lot of fresh water and electricity to Arizona, and they have a great little Electric Vehicle Program.
    Sanford Cohen & Associates does risk-assessment, data fusion for environmental assessments, strategic planning and regulatory support.
    Solar Design Associates is an architectural firm specializing in solar-friendly buildings.
    Solarex makes photovoltaic products, and has an excellent list of renewable/solar resource links.
    Solar Two, PacifiCorp's advanced commercial solar-power electrical-generation facility.
    Unocal Geothermal & Power Operations is the world's leading geothermal energy producer. They have some very informative pages on the subject.
    Temco Controls.
    With a wide variety of high-volume air-conditioning controls and sensors, your large facility can make much more intelligent use of energy, more appropriately directing heat and cooling flow to the places where it is most required.
    US Army Corp of Engineers Waterways Experiment Station. The US Army Corp of Engineers is one of the worlds largest and most-experienced designer of dams, levee systems, and inland and coastal canals and waterways. Please see their Environmental Laboratory Page! Also, their Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site. Rocky Flats used to be a production and assembly center for the plutonium triggers used in nuclear weapons. Now it's not longer a production facility, but it is certainly one of the hottest wastes sites on Earth. Few places are more contaminated, other than Chernobyl.
    Savannah River Site Environmental Remediation Page.
    The Yucca Mountain Project. A big mountain full of radiactive waste? Maybe not a bad idea. Better than putting it in my back yard.
    Erosion Remediation -
    BonTerra America has a very nice line of erosion control products! Very green-friendly.
    US Office of Surface Mining (Department of the Interior). Very interesting links to Wetlands Remediation of coal-mines.

    Corporations with Environmental concerns, or concerned about the Environment -
    Air Products Responsible Care Page.
    ARCO Green Concerns Page.
    British Petroleum (BP) has an environmental concerns page.
    Landis & Gyr. This 100-year-old Swiss transnational is primarily concerned with architectural ecologies, conserving resources and energy through innovative building designs and methods.
    Woodward-Clyde " is a leading multinational professional services firm specializing in environmental management, waste management, pollution control, water resources, occupational safety and health, geotechnical engineering and geo-civil construction." Denver-based. They have a fairly immense page detailing what they do.

    Other General Lists of Earth-Ecological Resources - EcoFriendly Products

    Crawford Equipment & Engineering "Achieving Global Environmental Compliance With Superior Engineered Combustion Systems" - a line of products dealing with clean burning.
    Earth Conservation Corp. This non-profit strives to simultaneously remediate damaged ecologies, and to aid disadvantaged youth.
    The Green Page. This privately-maintained page has a lot of links that aren't listed here.
    Earth Friendly Products. Aromatherapy and cleaning products. Not animal tested, eco-friendly.
    Maryland Directory of Environmental Business
    Environmental Health Resources and the Environmnetal Health Information Service from the National Institutes of Health.
    Environmental Information Services, from the NOAA.
    Environmental Research Laboratories (NOAA). Fundamental research, technology development, and services for the public. A policy abetter. This is a good page for finding other NOAA resources dealing with the environment.
    GLOBE. Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment, a worldwide network of students, teachers, and scientists working together to study and understand the global environment.
    Real-Time Satellite Images. This is a huge page crammed full of images in all sorts of spectra and display formats.
    United States-East Asia Environmental Partnership

    Biological -

    United States Fish & Wildlife Service. Their mission "is to conserve, protect, and enhance fish and wildlife and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people. Our major responsibilities are: migratory birds, endangered species, certain marine mammals, freshwater and anadromous fish, the National Wildlife Refuge System, wetlands, conserving habitat, and environmental contaminants. "
    United States National Biological Information Infrastructure. A division of the US National Biological Service, a division of the United States Department of the Interior, which has many divisions which regulate and promote research into American natural resources.
    See also the Biology Page.

    Regulatory by Country & State

    United States of America -
    US Bureau of Reclamation manages water-related resources west of the Mississippi River. The largest wholesaler of water in the US, and manages almost 350 storage dams, nearly 60 hydroelectric facilities, and over 50,000 miles of canals, etc.
    US Department of Energy Environment, Safety & Health Technical Information Service.
    United States Geological Survey.
    Geologic Resources - Western Region. "The U.S. Geological Survey's web server for geologic information in the western United States. This site provides access to many USGS earth science web pages for the Western United States. It also serves as the data release site for many of the published on-line data sets in USGS."
    Water Resources - Colorado. Water resource management for Colorado - and also the National Water Quality Laboratory, and the National Trining Center for Hydrologic resources.
    State of California -
    Department of Water Resources. This is a very extensive site!
    South Coast Air-Quality Management District. Responsible for the air-quality of the Los Angeles Region of California. One of the best sites around regarding pollution control and air-quality management!
    Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
    Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. Primarily in charge of water and sewage in the Boston area.
    Pennsylvania State Department of Environmental Protection.
    Energy and Environmental Systems Analysis, Modelling and Planning

    Argonne National Laboratory - Energy/Environmental Systems Modeling.

    HOT! EarthWatch, Inc. Gotta love it! This private company is about to launch a satellite which will for the first time make very high-resolution images of our Homeworld available to the public and will map those images into a Digital Globe!
    Environmental News Network (ENN). Offers subscriptions to environmental-issue headlines, does a Real-Audio broadcast.

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