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US National Nanotechnology Initiative.

Xerox' Nanotechnology Page.
Take a look at this and see the future. And please read the book that kicked it all off, Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology, by Dr. K. Eric Dressler.
Gina "NanoGirl" Miller's Nanotechnology Industries(tm) Pages.
Be sure to see the excellent web links pages.
NanoDot: News and Discussion of Coming Technologies.
The SlashDot of NanoTech.
Zyvex, Inc.
"Zyvex is the first molecular nanotechnology development company. Our goal is to develop and use atomically precise manufacturing to radically change the manufacturing capabilities of the world."
"Nanogen's technology integrates advanced microelectronics and molecular biology on proprietary semiconductor microchips."
VLSI Research, Inc., has a truly great homepage. They do "mass customization of the cutting edge". VLSI is Very Large-Scale Integration, the step right before nanotechnology.
The Foresight Institute.
Nanotech Central! Lots of links to other nanotech pages. See the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing for more links and information.
Regulating Nanotechnology Development.
An exceptionally thoughtful paper.
They hold a patent on a microprocessor, which allows on-the-fly configurability of computer hardware. In fact, you can upgrade hardware now by the Internet. See also Field Programmable Logic Gate Array technology.
Potomac Photonics has developed and is perfecting micron- and sub-micron-scale laser machining processes. They also have a product line of laser microfabricators!
Opportunities in Manufacturing and Bioprocessing, from the National Agricultural Library.

Micro and NanoTechnology

Nanotechnology is the emerging science of creating structures one atom at a time, one a scale measured in billionths of a meter. In the near future, it promises to totally revolutionize manufacturing. A little while later, it will change everything in ways at which we can now barely speculate. Only now is the second generation of theoretical groundwork being laid, and the results of the first experiments being shared to produce the first generation of true nanotech tools. When the second generation of nanotech tools arrives, you'll know it, because almost everything you formerly knew will have changed radically, possibly so much as to be unrecognizable.

Learn and prepare.

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