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First, we want to make it absolutely clear that we absolutely oppose the use of any type of coercive chemicals on any person whatsoever, for any reason whatsoever. We also want to make absolutely clear that if you are considering using coercive chemicals on someone for purposes of sex, you are a sick individual, and you are contemplating nothing less than rape. Don't do it!

Find out more about Rohypnol, the date-rape drug-of-choice of frat boys and gangsters.

A 2-milligram dose can put a person into an excited, agitated and disinhibited state, leaving only amnesia. Rohypnol -- and similar chemicals favored by predators -- is a widely-reported problem across all of North America. Please keep in mind that many people enjoy the "high" of drugs such as Rohypnol or Valium, and many predators may simply offer one drug to their intended prey. Some people will accept and plunge themselves into their own victimization. But in many cases, "predators' drugs" are slipped into the drinks of unsuspecting victims.

A 2mg dose in one beer put a woman flat on her back in a moaning state of carnal bliss, to waken with no memories of the previous night, wondering what the heck happened to her. This is not a pretty scene, much as it might titillate overgrown teens with too much testosterone and not enough regard for other persons. Pregnancy and venereal disease, not to mention depressions and suicides can result from that sort of thing.

In the United States, this drug is neither produced nor prescribed. It is a Schedule One proscribed substance, considered to have no legitimate medical use. One can only hope that Ketamine will soon follow; the two used together are a rapists' delight, and both are very common in and accessible at about any college you'd care to name. They're extremely popular as recreational drugs, in the Rave scene. But it's very unlikely that Ketamine, or "Special K" will become illegal anytime soon, it's exceptionally useful as a tranquillizer for animals and small children who might be panicked by the noticable effects of the anaesthetics used on adults who give their informed consent to medical procedures.

It should also be noted that gamma-hydroxy-butyramine (GHB) is very common in the Rave scene, and it should be noted that GHB also has sedative-hypnotic and amnesiogenic effects. You might also want to take a look at a pro-GHB page. Please note that GHB and Rohypnol combined and in conjunction with alcohol can very easily cause death.

Please don't misunderstand -- we have nothing against the Rave scene. We just don't want people to suffer because of the evil actions of predators who are prowling that scene in search of easy prey. You should be warned.

There is now a fairly inexpensive product available which can detect many rate-rape drugs, including Rohypnol. Please see Drink Safe Technologies's website.

We have received unconfirmed reports that a "knock-off" version of Rohypnol is coming across the border from Mexico, sold as "Revitrol" - it was described as looking just like Rohypnol and having the same effects.

We also wish to mention that the FDA is warning against the consumption of GBL or gamma-butyrolactone. GBL is converted into GHB in the body. GBL has been marketed under such brand names as Renewtrient, Revivarant, Blue Nitro, Vitality, GH Revitalizer, Gamma G, and RemForce. These products have been touted as performance enhancers and muscle-builders, when in fact the main uses in real life appear to be as industrial floor-stripper and as, like Rohypnol or GHB, date-rape drugs. At least one death has been linked to GBL, as well as at-least 50 serious side-effects cases.

This is it.

Everyone -- male or female, anyone can become a victim of Rohypnol or other "predators' drugs" -- is strongly advised to never under any circumstances accept any opened drink, particularly not from a stranger. In fact, if you are to be drinking, you are strongly advised to drink only from tamper-proof bottles or better yet, from cans, and to insist that you open them yourself. Never ask someone to watch your drink for you, they might simply be distracted, or might not be as trustworthy as you would hope. Note that drinking mixed-drinks from a wide-mouthed glass is asking for trouble; Rohypnol dissolves very easily in beverages, and the amnesiac state can begin within 10 minutes. Never under any circumstances leave a friend who is displaying the effects of this drug! Be sure to see them home safely and remain there with them until they have fully recovered, or until 8 hours have passed. Persons under the influence of rohypnol or other such drugs should not be left unattended even at home, they've been known to be less-than-cautious about answering knocks on the door.

Chemically-Assisted Date-Rape is a problem that is not going away as rapidly as we would hope. Please see this report from the University of Southern California on Flunitrezepam and its involvement in date- or acquaintance-rape.

For some tips on protecting yourself in today's increasingly-estranged and schizmatic world, please see this review of this book, which has been highly recommended to me: The Gift of Fear.

You should also take a look at the drug Versed, which is legitimately used to induce "conscious sedation" in clinical settings. Midazolam Hydrochloride (Versed) is a powerful sedative/hypnotic of the same class as Rohypnol (valium-diazepam-fluzepam, etc). Please take a good look at the response by a doctor in response to a query on a medical listserv.

See the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic Fact Sheet on Rohypnol. Interestingly it notes that there is a specific benzodiazepine antagonist for Rohypnol, called Romazicon (flumazenil; Imidazobenzodiazepine). Maybe cute-girls and cute-guys should start carrying emergency supplies.

The maufacturer of Rohypnol has announced that from now on the tablets will be distributed in a form which dissolves very slowly in water and leaves a residue floating on the surface. Unfortunately, we cannot expect counterfeiters to do the same. Again, we must note with dismay that there are counterfeiters who market specifically to the predators -- they manufacture Rohypnol equivalents which have no indicative color or flavor.

Please read this article which notes that Rohypnol and Versed are being increasingly used in non-sexual acts of violence such as kidnappings, robberies and assaults, as is the "terror of Columbia", the sedative-hypnotic plant-source scopalamine Burundanga (also spelled "borondango"). Similar in effects to Rohypnol, but also inducing a hypnosis-like state, this is one plant that we don't want imported. But it is too late for that - it appears that increasingly Burundanga or "borrachio" is being traded as currency in certain American undergrounds, and increasingly is used as an assault-chemical of choice, due to the disinhibitory and amnesiac effects.

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May come sealed in bubble-wrap, thus.

The Drug Enforcement Administration does note that there is a clear trend towards foreign origination of emerging American drug-abuse patterns. Please read an article on the ease of acquiring Rohypnol in Mexico, where you can write your own prescriptions. It seems that in Tijuana, business is booming.

Some Remarks - Please press the "search" button and look at the remarks by the Honorable Mr Coverdell and the Honorable Ms Schroeder, from the 104th US Congressional Record.

Don't forget that this is simply one new drug in a trend that can only expand as greater and greater knowledge of the human phychochemical system begins to reach itty-bitty countries that have few if any manufacturing controls and burgeoning chemical industries, and who probably think that turnabout is fair play and don't mind experimenting on Americans to enrich their economies. Catering to sexual predators enriches them, and endangers you.

As of October 13, 1996, it is a Federal offense to administer any controlled substance to any person without their knowledge with the intent of committing a violent crime. Thank you Mr. President and the honorable ladies and gentlemen of the 104th Congress!

See, finally, this excellent page from the University of Texas Law-Enforcement Officers training course.

Know of a web-page on predators' drugs which I might have missed? Please send mail to let me know, and I'll mount it right away, and be pleased to say that on behalf of all victims of coercive-chemical attacks, Earth Operations Central thanks you for the intel.

Please see also a page about "Burundanga", a form of scopalamine (truth serum) made from a South American shrub, reportedly popular amongst "Santeria" practitioners and Columbian criminal gangs.

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